To the soul of my beloved aunty Rahil Baini

O my aunty and godmother, we lost

Our motherly cosy fort that was once our shelter.

It's difficult to have mothers like you,

Haughty as a great Cedar tree,

We nurtured and matured in your shade.

Rahil, your name embellished the words,

It's revealed in the Bible,

And we are grateful for all your grace.

When your daughter Mary departed

Your tears dried out, as well as ours

And you faced affliction and your anguish became ours.

For Clark your beloved inspirational son,

You shed many tears and we shared your sorrow

O Aunty, you’re the last grape of the cluster,

The cluster that shattered on our threshing floor

From Boulos to Bacchus with his distinguished moles,

And Georgette with Karma who passed in alienation,

And Peter, your remarkable brother

We waited so long, for his shining laughter.

And Tony Yammouni and his magic melody,

We stayed up for hours listening to his guitar.

And now with your sorrowful death,

The stars have lost their shine

And we became orphans in this world

To my dad and mom, I send my love,

And cheers to my youngest brother Marcel,

Tell them all our stature is curved,

And grieves have caused us to age.

O aunty, you are an optimal aunt, the best of them all,

I envy the tomb that embodied you,

We pleaded for tears from the distant clouds,

And if you ask your people, they’d say:

On your departure we shed the last of our tears.

Charbel Baini 29/10/2019
Translated by Elie Shaanin

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