KARAF/ Mirna Nehme

What more is there to say? What words can i use to express my thoughts and feelings about this striking poem which shakes the mind and the inside?
As I was reading it, I felt huge explosions exploding in my heart and soul. Yes, it hits the chore, it shakes the mind and certainly it is a wake-up call.
Congratulations my dear Charbel!!! You raised your voice with fierceness, courage and braveness by addressing crucial matters which are destroying the world with no mercy. The sad thing is there is no remorse.
How can we keep quiet about the rotten politics, about the hypocrisy, about the injustice, about the deterioration of principals, morals and values? How can freedom become so cheap and degrading? How can sinning become normal to us? Have we reached madness or what?
Let us wake up before it is too late, let us unite, let us conquer evil before it drags us more in the black hole and let us clean our hearts with true spirituality, purity and decency so peace, love, justice and harmony reign in the entire universe which is drowning in darkness.

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