By Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme

A ride we came and how do we return!?
And when we would laugh 
The eyes produce a tear
And why continue the ride 
And at the end of the ride we will kneel?
Nor the house embraces 
The people of the house
Nor God is hearing the tyranny cry
Over the innocent 
The evil persons have control
And no one from its creator is scared
They are kidnapping young brunette girls 
Who did not reach their weaning
Half of them are suckling
They said: by the name of the powerful lord 
It is fine if a baby suffers
It is permissible if the chastity of the girl Collapsed in front of a bad crook mule!
It is fine for a murderous powerful criminal 
To wed the sun 
And the honour of the girl will be torn!
Women been sold by a dealer 
To men whom their price is manure 
Which you do not pay for
To men who painted their faces with charcoal
The world vanishes 
And the charcoal does not shine
They said: it is right to kill the infidels
And people's blood becomes a swamp
They killed each other 
And the neighbour liquidated the neighbour
And in god's paradise he is lusting
They destroyed the planet
Killing became a belt 
Wrapping a complicated broken universe
A ride its beginning burning and fire
And at its end the cannon is screaming

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