Antoine and Therese

The day I knew of the marriage of my oldest brother Antoine Baini to our neighbour Miss Therese Anissi, year 1967, I composed this poem.

From Lebanon, I call on Melbourne,
To tell my brother Antoine,
I’ll always be grateful to him,
And cherish his memory.
Father’s son is getting married
In the darkness of expatriation,
His beacons light the way,
Antoine is our oldest brother,
At his door the sun shines,
And his Therese beside him,
Full of goodness and generosity,
Her smile quenched his thirst.
He loved her since they were kids,
And offered her all his heart,
My dear brother is getting married,
To our dearest neighbour Therese,
My poetry will always tell:
Of a lovely couple untarnished,
In their auspicious expatriation,
And ever since their departure,
Our cedars never ceased to miss them.
By Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie Shaanin

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