God and a drop of oil


Please don't be sad,
O God !..
Because many people are really mad,
They ring their lying bells
For a statue they have created
The oil is seeping from its plaster
Then Your convent becomes a "house",
Women burning incense for religion.

Your love is the purest love,
Becoming a deal in a secular auction,
And vows for mad people.
O God!...
What happened?!.
They can see You only in a drop of oil,
They forgot that You are...God
And that You have made them all
In silence,
You have created the whole world.

They did not see You in the cedars of God,
Years have died at its feet,
Many people slept calmly in its shade,
Many people sang for it,
From all their hearts...

They did not walk on the way,
That takes them to Sannine
Or to Baalbeck...
Don't get upset ...They are naive,
They only see You in miracles,
Forgive them..
They crucified You...
And they cried afterward ...
But those who are like me
Always love You ...
Because You're a Father,
Wider than paradise is Your heart.

They didn't notice the earth turn
And its speed appear to stop,
The stars were obliged
To open a light balcony in the darkness,
And keep shining all the time...
Forgive me please if I say :
Naive is he who believes in a drop of oil...
Fairy tales...
And drumbeats.
You are the breadth and the width,
The generation creating another generation,
Spaces and distances we pass by,
And good seeds that we are planting,
You are living in our hearts...
But killed by some miracles
If You see them,
You will laugh and laugh,
For they are only lies.

You created the sun...
With your light they could see,
You created the night...
They were frightened by the darkness,
You created the sea ...
They floated upon Your waves,
But they are still making fun of You,
You are the eternal God,
You are the partner for lonely people.
They are very poor without You,
But we are always meeting You
In the smallest creatures of the world,
In the overflowing colours of a flower,
In the songs of a bird,
In the energy of a bee,
In the breath which is coming out of me,
In the growth of a baby living here,
In the day that is followed by another,
In the seasons after season,
In the way which a man is walking along,
And brains are planning his way.
As much as they pray for You...
Do not believe them my Lord,
They mocked You,
Do not mature their wines
Their wine is full of faults and lies.

Everything You've created tells about You,
About Your love,
Your laughter
Your open hands,
And Your goodness overflowing,
You're the tree on top of the hill,
You're the wheat in the ant hill.
You're always here alive with us,
You are born in a heart beat..
In a lily..
We do not need miracles to pray,
We believe in You very deeply,
With every sunset,
We feel so desperate to have your dream,
You're the dream that is coming true.
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    I love your work Mr Baini

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    I love this one too, uncle!

  4. غير معرف10:41 م

    from jean doumanian
    You don't need to know how much our Lebanon need you wherever you are. for that reason I ask all our Lebanese Important minds to come back to Lebanon to help us in the construction of our Country.