Blind World

The world is going backwards!!
It's going backwards!!
Dragging the days with a hair
Tumbling them!!
Stepping on their white pages
And hiding like a lost blind.

Neither mum is hugging her babies
Nor dads are working and gathering
And the child that hates his school
Of his school bag
Dust is making a swing!!

.. That governor who mounted the throne
And impressed us with his promises:
- I'll make of my country a tale.
I'll cover neediness with white coverlet.
I'll plant bread in people's mouths.
He betrayed his country,
Betrayed the people
Who worn out
And never let their land see that they had.
.. Authors whom letters
Should light the days darkness,
They black marketed their letters
Didn't fear coming generation's curse
rising out of history
Warm heartedness never tasted.
.. And the altar's servant
Who decided to enter heaven
Stained his hands with money's blood
Stained his mind with his body's lust.
Out of his mouth snakes come out
Splashing their poisons in the thirsty's cups
Who watered themselves with his words water.
.. Flowers which loved their meadow
Were covered with its soil
And started to increase and propagate
Hated their meadow
And detested its grass
.. And the sea that since the word created
Let its fish go and come as they please
In his greenish grazing water
And on the free wave's mountains
Started displaying them on the beach
To sell to the first fisherman
Hanging lies on his hook.
The world is going backwards
And we're erasing its roads
Cheering when it drops up
The drop that causes us the pain
Makes us rub the hands and cry
Not knowing how do we insult it!!
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  1. غير معرف7:40 م

    Dear Mr Baini,I just read 'Blind World'. Its so nice, and I think its true, people really are going on the wrong paths so I think reading this will help them understand what there doing to our world.Once again, God bless you Mr Baini
    6 Emerald

  2. غير معرف9:29 ص

    Absolutely wonderful work, Mr Baini! I look forward to reading more of your works.