Written by Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme

The days are rushing
My calendar tired out
With its illusions 
Which played with my migration 
I wish if I can sleep 
And slumber forgets me
In a land thirsting for my eyes tears
To make it love me
And sing for it songs 
Which dreams never heard of
My length, what is the use of my length
If my width a bird's feather?
My body is a flying air
And walking bored of me
Stop all the watches 
I am scared of being grey 
And my hairs turn messy 
Which are used to be tidy
How did my age fold? 
I could not reach the moon
The moon will disappear 
Wait my moon 
To say goodbye with poetry
My eyes, woe's urns 
And I put my eyeliner
I am afraid of the night's neigh 
To claim my madness
When I open my hands 
They collect people's dust mocking me 
In their hearts Judas's hatred
In the sea they threw me 
And the wave a horse back 
I rode on my assumptions
And I am without energy
They changed my name, 
The shape and the address
My age is a breeze 
From its scream I am terrified 
If my paths are finished
My walks die!
If my sins are erased 
My talks live!
My roads, a human being's fatigue
My sins are devil's joy 
Which does not like my life
Every time the sun rises
My light extinguishes
Oh my age do not hurry 
My flowers did not open
And the bud is still a baby
Without a house, parents
The bees sucked its veins 
Till my roots withered
Oh birds of dawn 
Visit the baby visit
But do not open your mouth 
Or fiddle your worry, 
The desertion's craziness 
And I am scared for my birds
The coffin is calling out 
To the colourful flowers
Quiet, I said quiet
Since I will die 
Why to be born? 
Why? Tell me why?
To grow old and age?
And living is the biggest lie 
We welcome it with lilies
We farewell it with lilies

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