What can I really say about Mourahaka?/ Mirna Nehme

How do I start and where do I start?
With a great pleasure and surprise I received Mourahaka book which is another wonderful poetry of yours hitting the hearts and the souls. 
What can I really say about Mourahaka?
As I was reading it, I was drowning in each poem which reveals inner painful feelings, emotions and desires during this important stage of our life and which can tear us apart. Yes, we all experience this phase. It is a huge battle for us at the same time. Either we rise above our desires or we allow them to destroy us.
Being opened about such matters require lots of courage and you, my dear charbel were so courageous and fearless to express these sensitive issues which you dealt with during your adolescence and which caused you obviously pain. Yet, you are an awesome person and poet who would not fall for lust and temptations and who is filled with decency, purity, endless love and warmth. 
Finally, I would say: young you are and you will remain so.

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