By Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme

Do not die in your desertion do not die 
And leave your soil curse you in the tomb
Go and spend your life in Beirut 
And shake off your wings from the agony dust
You remain a stranger in your desertion oh sober 
Even if your house is filled with maids
Come on let us together cling to a handful of winds 
And return to the land of pride
Let us together expel the house foreigner 
Who ignited in the home hatred and fire
Who allowed the sky to blacken with its poisons
Who allowed with his lies a neighbour slaughter a neighbour
We who were living in prosperity 
Dancing and walking like a peacock
We betrayed our country and the cedar dignity 
And we sold pride with two handfuls of money
We are running and gathering mirage in our desertion 
Destroying the age and wasting it with delusion
And our kids whom we are forgetting behind doors 
They are growing and in their hearts a waterfall of poison

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