To the soul of the late George Hanna Yammouni

By: Charbel Baini
Translated by: Elie Shaanin

In what rhyme shall I say goodbye?
In what terms would you prefer
To be eulogised?
I will not allow any poet
To harm you in verse
You are an angel manifested amongst human beings,
God is calling you
And In Barsa, He testified a thousand congregation,
And appealed for mankind to canonise you.
The ropes of distance between us,
Will wrap round my ribs very tight…
Do not say Charbel Baini is unvoiced,
The voice and the cries are the tears that I shed every day
Your hands have matured a beautiful garden,
With Cousin Eva’s vast contribution
Youths and a young lass, the best in the world 
 Added beauty to this hospitable land
You worried so much about the land of your birth,
And with care you enclosed it with your tender love
When the land of your birth is faced with danger
Our army will defend the homes of your kind
And with care they’ll protect this very land,
That is burnt with hate and divisions,
That you paid with your heart for her freedom.
I’ve gathered bunches of flowers from everywhere
To weave wreaths to brighten the darkness of the grave
And transform its soil to golden dust
To Glow like your face
The eyes and face of a hero,
And with the silent footsteps of Jarjoura
And With all my abundant tears,
I shall wash the sadness and sorrows
Of Barsa, your beloved town 
That is in the state of Koura

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