Dedicated to the soul of my aunt Georgette Baini

Oh my beloved auntie, what can I say?
You have never left our hearts 
Despite your painful departure,
Your brothers; Sarkis, Bakos, 
Boulos and Botros,
who are in heaven,
Rushed jubilantly to receive you
Christine your mother, the family shepherd
Has sent your father to welcome you
Your sister Madeleine, planted her floral love
And the loving Carmen, who worship you
Husband Peter, your constant companion,
Is planning to smother you with love
You’re the purest of love and tenderness.
Our hearts weep for your absence,
We, your loved ones in Melbourne and Sydney
An aunty, is always considered a mother
We were always welcome in 
your home, and in your heart.
José, who took over to care for you,
Is now preparing your farewell clothes.
An aunty, who always gathers her family,
The family who shed their tears for you.
 The Baini’s blood is the most honest,
The very blood which coloured your dust
Oh my dear auntie Georgette..
We still have Rahil, an aunt whom we adore
Please ask our merciful Maker,
To prolong her life a bit more
Her heart still aches for Marie, her daughter
And today, your death inflamed her eyes
Enough sorrow, by this  coming holy season,
Especially the birth of Jesus our Lord..

Charbel Sarkis Baini

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