The wedding of Joe M Baini and Therese A Draybi

By: Charbel Baini
When love unites two hearts we say:
Roses came into buds in gardens.
Today, we celebrate the wedding
Of the most beautiful couple
Joe Baini, the son of Marcel
My youngest brother whom I love 
If the fate ever touched one hair of his head
I sacrifice my life for him and a lot more
Like the prophet Jobe, who endured so much
To give pleasure to the gracious Lord
So is Laure, your tender loving mother,
Wrapped around you a shawl of prayers
Charbel’s mother a loving caring mom
You can learn from her, passion and sacrifice
This family is enriched with sainthood,
To her the mountains would bow in respect
When it comes to love, passion and sacrifice
She would attain the highest credentials
You are a flag of glory, no one can achieve,
Bearing in its centre, a Cedar from Lebanon.
This bride whose beauty prettified Hadchit
She was my student, and I know her persona
She told me like her mother she was raised
Wearing the same grace of her deeds
Antoinette, like her no one can ever bear 
The world would attest to her generous doings
And Tony Draybi, my passionate father,
Raised me with love and tenderness
Two daughters he only has
Which one will he treasure more?
With my brothers, I walk the same path
In our small and beautiful family,
However, I did not forget her heartbreak
When the bishop performed her marriage
I asked myself while my eyes dimmed with tears,
Where is her brother Pierre, to carry her?
In my dream, I saw Pierre coming
Like an angel from heaven
I heard him saying to me:
Embrace for me, the bride and groom
And offer them many congratulations
Therese in her gown, is like the sun,
The mirror is jealous of her smile.
In the darkness of repatriation,
She once said to me:
Brother, your love is like a verse
When I left, I held no fear for my father Antoine
I feared that my mother, with a heavy heart,
Would give up living, without me.
Oh Therese, the poem always tells me
That St Roumanos increased our yields
The saint of Hadchit is a star in heaven
During the time of infidelity, death and scarcity
Like you I shall burn more incense
So He could find a solution for these issues
After the wedding, a change will take place
For the Lord to protect your Joseph
To Saint Joseph, you must say few prayers.
Translated by Elie Shaanin

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