To the soul of my beloved cousin Antoine George Yammouni
By Charbel Baini
Translated by Elias Shaanin
Why is there so much pain upon us?
And why are there tears nested in our eyes?
Departed are those who were our elite 
Many loved names have been wiped from this world
Marie departed and Clark her brother as well 
While the voice of Marcel still echoes
And today, we lost Tony the beloved only son
Who once encircled us with happiness
Our woes would have increased and tipped the scale
If it wasn't for the tenderness of God
Surely, we would have all gone mad.
Where are you Carmen to embrace the loved one
Your son, your only endeared son
On his way to meet you, you can tell the mighty God
Bou Elias in our heart you will dwell evermore.
Your guitar is silenced and its strings torn apart
And your melodies will awfully miss you
Discourses fell in love with your words
And birds soared to the seventh heaven.
Elias, your only son will embrace his sisters
Whose heads are bowed to the ground
And Lena, the happy loving mother
Is now stricken by an unknown influx of pain
And the tears of overwhelmingly envy 
The burning tears in your sisters' eyes
Today, I swear by your valued life
Your picture will be etched in our heart,
For the rest of our lives and for eternity

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