By Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme

Coming.. you are coming 
Oh, vessel of beginning 
From children's dreams 
Born in a story's heart 
Which does not know an ending 
So they can live in a country 
Its swings are high
Its stars are vines 
And its years are feasts
You are coming like a giant 
The universe facing you kneeling
And the songs in your ears
The star which does not wake up 
Filled an urn from its tears 
To wash your feet
Oh, you who were the entire world 
You are coming with god's strength
Love bliss in your eyes
You are coming from fires
A light, a perfume and lilies
Your forehead like a snow 
And the childhood laughter 
Which is confiscated and killed 
Became a prairie space 
And the insulted flag 
Oh, my Lebanese country 
Is raised in the highest tower
What is the use of sects
And the creator scared of them 
If they kneel and worship?!
And what is the use of joy 
With prayer and devotion 
And your people are homeless?!
Promise me by the right of your children 
By your cross, 
By your crescent,
You may remain free united 
So our nights will shrill 
And you become within us 
The glorified country

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