By Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme

My madness is stronger than their madness
My madness is stronger than their madness
When they become crazy I would be crazier
And when they quieten down as usual
I would see the tears in their eyes
A cursed coincidence brought us
To a world which did not approve of my arts
My poems, it said: to fire
My thoughts what thoughts!
And to leave a memory
I got mad and tore my clothes
I was sliding on my knees
They were all happy and congratulated me
On my crazy championships
I socialized with them
Though with the company,
The personality changes quickly
And it does not do me any good
No matter how I screamed how I turned
No matter how I became drowsy
I will remain inside their country
And my kids looking similar to their kids
That past which still hanging
On the gallows of the blue dream
Hatched before me flowers
And I am still waiting to hatch
Like someone making his tomb a bed,
I slept not feeling the day

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