By Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme
A farewell party?!
Why we have to say goodbye
And recite poems 
And speeches at your hearing
If we read a poem you wrote
About your parents, 
Your land which you loved 
No matter how far you are
We will fly to be with you?!
You are a poet,
Smartness from your quarry,
And all the rhymes drink from your fountain,
If you sing, the whole world dance 
And in front of your poems it bows
Like a shadow it walks and follows you
When destiny exploded your tearful 
And with its hard hits it caused you pain
Your loved ones gathered around you 
And hid you in their hearts
Because they loved you so much 
They stood by you against the one 
Wishing you to kneel
We love you
And this is why we see you 
In our eyes dreams planting you
You are loyalty, honesty, love 
And you have nobility proud in the heart 
On all human kind raising you
Shy I am to make you hear this poem
And all the poems kneeling at your alter
But before you return back to the home land 
The land which riots played with it
I love to say to you: God be with you

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