Three translated poems by Mirna Nehme

By Charbel Baini
Translated By Mirna Nehme
Strange the places strange
And the childhood laughters a moaning
Oh sun of love do not disappear,
Shine, My night is gloomy
The long roads stole me
And threw me at doors and doors
Birds of distance tell me
Why is sorrow meant for me?
Yearning for the eyes of the loved ones
For the laughs in sleepless evenings
To say: Oh anguish hide!!
The moon will come back to my country
As a rock you would be oh human
And as leaves the trembling hits you
All the creation created by the ruler
Soil returned soil and soil is walking
Fear god do not fear people
What good will splendour serve you?
Oh if you only taste the bitterness of the cup
You would laugh at the narrowness of your mind
Your clothes are clean
Your body is dirty
And your appearance from a distance
Is beautiful oh human being!
But, you are an imposter
And your mind is stained with things
Which evil does not know yet
Do not kneel and pray to the lord of the universe
And your heart is filled with hatred for people
And your injustice: if you treat unjustly god help
You would slaughter a baby to drink a cup
Not every prayer raises you up
Even if you pray day and night
What is the use of praying wrongly?
And eyes spark flame and fire.

A stranger lost in a strange world
Filled with worry
Its brown face traces gloomy
In a blood colour
Its sky rumbles, its cloud, weird,
Rains poison
And when it extends its horrifying hands
And opens the mouth
Its people increase but the tragedy
They don’t have a mother!
If a boat carries you to this world
Without a sail
And you saw the earth's dress torn
In a shape of villages
Full of poverty and heavy chest
And hungered people,
By the road, gather a bunch of lily
And kneel on a rock and say:
The flowers are for someone like me,
His age perished,
And for an illusion's pride arrogant
Sold his life
A world, its sun extinguished in my hands
And its moon vanished
I harvested grievance for it a harvest
And I knitted it as clothes
I squeezed despair with my stubborn tears
And I poured it like a drink
I washed agony in my joyful seas
And I opened doors
I whisked their dust to became new
Without fatigue

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