By Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme

My voice is husky and my larynx
Dried out of your dust blow
And the song which you were
Was slaughtered thrown on your rocks
Return the song, oh my country
And the laughter to your children's lips
Return my power, my glories
To light the star facing you
My voice is husky and dreaming
Come back and sing, oh my country
Tune out the “oud” and sing for you:
Oh “ghzayil” with dignity
You are in love but suffering
Let us come back to our land
And bring back the youth Era
Oh “ghzayil” say to him and repeat:
The cedar flag we respect
Remaining for us all Lebanon
From the coast to the hills
Oh “ghzayil” in our desertion
We did not forget our village
Spread the news of our return
Prior to the sunset
Oh “ghzayil” whatever strikes it
We are, yes we are its beloved
Mixture from its soil
That land full of goodness
My voice is husky and for you
I'll knit from “OFI” your scarf
And rejoice when my flute cries
Bring down its tears facing you
What do I say, do I say?
I'm trying from your mountain's rock
And from the strength of your men's faith
Steal, oh my country, your song:
They said: money to you
 I said: I do not want it
I want the glory as a mole on my cheek
I am from a country its cedars are jewels
And its soil of gold shining in my hand
My voice is husky, and my hope
Erase with the tunes the darkness
And hum bit of “qarradi”
Growing living in my mind
Want to sing for you my country
Scared of myself for myself:
My country answer my country
Strikes are many
The spring is running beside you
And my heart on fire
No matter what happens don't say
They forgot the days
They forgot the childhood period
In desertion of dreams
The soul in your love blended
Hard for us to sleep and see you killed
With the hands of disgrace
My voice is husky and my faith
In you my country allowed me
Raise the voice and sing for you
I'll plant your name on my lips
And carry your cross on my shoulders
And blow out with tears your rage
Maybe my tender country
In my sound and my eyes tears
Repay you bit of your gratitude.
“Ghzayil, Ofi, Qarradi, Oud, Lebanese names represent our songs, poetry and music”

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