By Charbel Baini
Translated by Mirna Nehme

And you remain Kadmous 
Lord of lords:
Ink, pen, lessons
And two brand new exercise books
Oh tutor of generations
In your book we read 
How these children 
We make their forehead bigger
Today we became many
And you were only one 
Writing at the fire light 
And shining like a sun
Your vessel till today 
Still in our eyes
Do not be afraid 
Sleeping can not get us
In your feast oh god of letter 
My faith increase
To describe it of description 
My tongue will tire
Students like flowers 
Are dancing at your feast 
They got drunk and drunkenness 
From the smell of your wine
What do I tell them about you? 
Oh moon without absence
I will explain to them 
That you have been dead for ages 
And yet you have not become soil.

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