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Dear Charbel Baini
You called me the best by saying “You are the best Marcelle Mansour”. Thank you for the complement dear, Charbel, for you really are a genuine gentleman and one of the great leading poets. I believe there is nothing more valuable in life than integrity, and I humbly feel there is no better or best in friendship, for everyone is unique and works in his/her own way.  In fact, I feel that we all work together on the basis of humanistic friendship and love. I still recall the words of our decent friend the poet Fouad Neeman El-Khoury when he said briefly on receiving his Award: “Charbel Baini’s Award is hundred percent about “LOVE”, in Arabic “جائزة شربل مائة بالمائة محبة”. This actually implies all the rich words of passion, fondness, devotion, respecting the other, giving in joy and happiness without expectations of return.
I must refer here to the extent of the happiness that overwhelmed me when Fouad expressed his pleasure upon the receipt of the award, he said: "The award is enriched with another prize, because it was delivered to me by the poet and artist of light Marcelle Mansour." This is very sweet of Fouad indeed. I will not hide here the exchange of similar feeling I had when I immediately remembered his poetry entitled: "Nidre-Allhfeh" and I called him in my writing: "The pulse of one heart."
This is in fact an expression of our genuine faith in the importance of creativity that leads to the reinforcement of human relations, friendship and love. That is the reason – I believe –why Charbel Baini is still practising his loveable friendly appreciation by provide such a precious award to keep the well respected continuity among creative givers, and this actually confirms my real feeling when I received this award in1997.

Charbel Baini’s Award has been delivered since1992 on the basis of friendship and appreciation. It is all about cooperating together with selflessness. It is actually about faith in creativity, humanity, friendship and love. On this occasion I would like to congratulate all the Recipients and givers of Charbel Baini’s Award, for it is an acknowledgement for their fantastic achievements. And also to extend warn thanks to the person who is behind all the tireless work, Charbel Baini who has always been of support for all friends who made a great contributions to our Australian Arabic communities in all types of Arts, literature  and culture, heritage in the name of humanity, friendship and love for our home Australia. 

Thank you Charbel for the Memorable Award Ceremony Day.

Marcelle Mansour

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