My Aunts

My aunty Clara,
Indiscriminate love
Was her motto.
Her smile glittered
Like the stars
And like the candles
In the church
The amazing tenderness
Of my aunt Hannah
Has no boundary.
She always presents like a flower,
And with pride, I utter her name
My aunt Therese,
An abundant fountain
That flows with warmth
And with compassion.
She is like a book of prayer,
With letters more precious than diamonds
I missed my beloved mother,
Who alleviated all my worries,
She knitted me an attire of love.
And with a constant sign of the cross.
She kept me, blessed and protected.
They went beyond the pearly gates,
But in my heart, they will always be,
The flowers with an eternal bloom.
I refuse to let my life
Be like an empty glass,
Void of my loved ones.
Writen by Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie shaanin

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