by Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie Shaanin

Audrey…The angel child who lost her father when she was barely one month old.
Her mother Melanie celebrating her first birthday in royal style.
Why should she not, when Audrey is the crowned queen of our hearts.
I told him: your daughter is a queen,
He choked and couldn’t utter a word.
I told him: She often smiles at me,
I see his big smile emerge.
Jimmy left and travelled too far,
He is certainly watching and celebrating,
Overjoyed for his daughter happiness,
While she glows in her new attire.
When Audrey blows the candles,
Jimmy’s engraved in her heart,
She reluctantly holds her tears,
She cannot bear to see him sad.
Every day that goes by,
Melanie tells her story,
How sleep had forsaken her,
And the bitterness of your departure.
For Audrey, your daughter,
Tula and Arthur are always there,
With overwhelming warmth and love,
With their unbelievable care,
And the scent of a lovely man.
Therese, Audrey’s grandmother,
Wove her, a shawl of tenderness.
As for Michel, her grandfather,
She is really driving him mad.
I won’t tell you about her ma,
A rare mother like no other,
After her, the mould was broken.
Caring for Audrey unceasingly,
As if you were still here.
Audrey is pampered by us all,
Relax and never fear for her,
As you watch her well surrounded,
She’s adored by one and by all.
O Jimmy, we are here your guests,
We came to thank you for your deeds,
Audrey, the epitome of beauty,
We see you, when we see her. 

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