To the soul of my cousin Joseph Yammouni

By: Charbel Baini
Translated by: Elie Shaanin
The departure of handsome Joseph is unwarranted,
He adorned the years with his good deeds
His passing, like a sword, inflicting wounds,
To the family, that is envied by all
Generous Joseph, with his abundant passion,
And an affection like a river of love
He sadly passed to a world beyond.
In the darkness of his repatriation,
If his beaming smile could ever talk,
It would’ve told the story of an earthly moon
That lit-up the tallest towers,
Which he has built with prayers and patience,
His wife Christine, my beloved cousin
With a bleeding heart and eyes dimmed with tears
He stood by her side, and he never let her weep
Joseph Yammouni, her husband and soul mate
His soul has dwelled in Jesus’ paradise
O son of Barsa, who’s loved by all

You will always live within our hearts.

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