My grandmother Martha Maroun

Dedicated to the soul of my grandmother Martha Maroun
O my grandma I long wanted,
To let you know,
How much I really love you,
In my eyes, you’re a treasure,
Your love flows in my veins.
Even in my expatriation,
You’re always on my mind,
After your sorrowful passing,
We still gather in your name.
To us, you will always be revered,
Like the cedars of Lebanon.
You are my love song,
Your name flourished on my lips,
I still remember those days,
And your glowing appearance,
I see you in my dreams,
A saint from the town of Barsa.
Every night I go to sleep,
With you, as my prayer-book.
O grandma, years have lapsed,
And you’re still living in my heart.
Using my eyes as the paint,
A divine painter painted you,
A mural on heaven’s wall.
By Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie Shaanin

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