Baptism of niece Georgette George Sarkis Baini
Georgette, my goddaughter,
The pride of my homeland,
I came today, to pour my tears,
In the holy font of your baptism.
You are the light of my eyes,
I dream of your glowing face,
I dream of your lovely smile,
Sleeping has forsaken me.
I swear by Almighty God,
My heart fears no blasphemy,
You’re the daughter I never had.
This occasion is for your eyes,
You’re our faith and happiness,
Children will inherit Paradise,
Our Saviour has verily said.
In your eyes, we see paradise,
I wish I could lay at your feet,
The highest of the world’s peaks,
And decorate the green valleys,
On your wedding day,
Beg the plains, for a melody,
Which begins in Sydney, Australia,
And ends in Mejdlaya, Lebanon.

By Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie Shaaanin

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