Egypt/ Charbel Baini

Egypt, you’re the mother,
Please, lend your ear…
I miss you overwhelmingly
I add to your famous Nile
Another river flow of my tears
If the Pyramids divulged my true love
You would’ve surely known,
My heart has stayed behind
In my endless expatriation,
I’m drowned in my sorrow
Since I embraced your iconic soil,
All my suffering has vanished
A shining smile has burst,
Upon the lips of the loved ones
I thought, the stars have hastily fallen
Mother of the world! Is what I see, true?
Are the nations listening to my beseeching?
Kindly, extend your hand to me
For he who cannot bring glory, is not a creator
I poured my passion in a fragrant poem
Enjoy this love and be pampered
You, Egypt, are the art and tongue
Your rhythmic tunes and your songs
Overwhelmingly, enriched my hearing 
You are, and you will always be .
The tender motherly embrace
Who shall unite your children?
If you, yourself, did not.

Translated by: Elie Shaanin

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