To the soul of my grandmother Christine Hitti Baini

Oh, my beloved grandma,
Pray for us from up above.
I cry with abundant tears,
That can almost fill the seas.
We heard the voice of Jesus,
Calling your name, Christine!
We knew that you’re heaven’s gain,
And that only heaven is the winner.
Lord Jesus who loved you so,
Altered the order of creation,
You became the shining sun,
That cast upon us, the holy rays.
You have shone upon this earth,
The glorious span of your age,
Then you set, forsaking this world,
Before we fully enjoyed your warmth.
Your ashes were a gift to Reshdibbine,
The town of your Madeleine Chaanine
We now call on the people of Mejdlaya,
To regain what is rightfully theirs,
And replant their gardenia at home.
We live abroad, we miss our homes,
For as long as we stay upon this land,
And no matter how much time lapses,
We’ve taken a sacred oath,
To keep you for an eternity,
An icon, deep in our hearts.
By Charbel Baini
Translated by Elias Shaanin

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