A letter from Anthony Khouri: Consul-General Bangladesh

Mr. Charbel Baini
Al-Ghorba Media
28th. January 2013

Dear Charbel,

It is with much gratitude that I write this letter to you in thanks for your most generous compliments and acknowledgement of my Australia Day Honour Award.

I am truly humbled by your emotional and well considered words of pride and encouragement which are true testament to the fact that I consider absolutely that this honour has been bestowed upon each and every one of us who have left the land of their birth,  Lebanon and made Australia home.

Needless to say that we are extremely proud of our roots and heritage of our homeland Lebanon but it must never be forgotten that we all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Australia for the enormous opportunities this wonderful country has opened to everyone.

It gives me great pleasure to accept this Award on behalf of all of those  good, honest, law abiding Australian Lebanese who by their commitment to their Families, their professions and to Australia as a whole are each most deserving of every honour in their own right.

Most respectfully, I would ask that you please convey my very best wishes and sincere thanks to the unbelievable numbers of people who have most generously honoured Nabiha and I on this very special Award especially those from our village Mejdlaya, of which we are very proud.

Thank you once again for your huge compliment.

Sincerely yours,
Anthony Khouri OAM

Consul-General Bangladesh

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