Charbel Baini you are an endless fountain of giving/ Mirna Nehme

   Each time, I receive your books I get overwhelmed with excitement and joy rushing impatiently to read them and drown in them. They are a world filled with love, agony, suffering, revolution and dignity.
   Having read your last two books, I can only state that you once again rose high and high, you lifted our spirits and you took us on amazing journeys. I do not think that I am able to find the suitable words to express my opinion about them.

    "Zilal" demonstrated your affection for different countries ending with deep romantic poems. How beautiful it is.
   "Jinniat Al shajjar!!!" What shall I say? I sensed that I was reading a myth of mystery, a myth of a great unending love which has no barriers and which crosses oceans and continents.
    "Fafi", the engraved legend!!! 
    "Fafi", the goddess of love and humanity!!!
   Yes, my dear Charbel Baini you are an endless fountain of giving, of compassion, of love, of mystery, of dreams and you will never cease to amaze us with your enriching fascinating poetry.
   In the end I would like to say: Thank you Randa Baini for your beautiful pictures on the covers. You are amazing!

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