MAA Honouring Charbel Baini

By Anthony Khouri
President - Mejdlaya Association Australia
Council General of Bungladesh

In his 1961 inauguration speech, United States President John F. Kennedy immortalised the following words. ''Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.''
In actual fact these words were those of the great Lebanese Poetic genius of Mr. Gibran Khalil Gibran.
With the full knowledge of the enormous, positive impact people from Lebanon have made and continue to make around the world, it gives me much pleasure to state that we the people from Mejdlaya, North Lebanon, are very proud of the fact that we also have our very own poetic and literary genius who is firmly stamping his mark on the literary world and whom I am not afraid to say, is in the same ilk as the famous Gibran Khalil Gibran.
This is a very special person who is very dear to our hearts and who over many, many years, has been recognised, applauded and awarded countless times around the world for his extraordinary work in the fine art of poetry and literature.

It is unfortunate that many times those closest to the high achievers of this world are the last to acknowledge their own. This time however, we the Mejdlaya family are extremely proud to acknowledge and honour our very own poetic and literary genius, a man who is very much a Son and an integral part of the Mejdlaya family and a man whom we all hold in the highest regard. He is with us here tonight and that man of course is none other than Mr. Charbel Baini.
Charbel, over the years, we have all listened to your beautiful words and you have touched the hearts of countless people from all walks of life who have been privileged to have read any of your many books or heard you recite your inspiring poetry.
We know that you have been awarded the highest literary awards throughout the Middle East and around the world and you have been the recipient of the greatest accolades from your peers and colleagues, all firmly attesting to your skill and talent; but here tonight, your Mejdlaya Family is going to say something very nice to you in the most simple of terms so that you will always know and understand exactly how we all feel about you and about your work and if your late parents were here tonight, I am sure that they would be even more proud of you now than they ever were before.
Charbel, I would like to say those words by presenting you with this plaque and it reads,
‘The Mejdlaya Association Australia proudly present to Mr. Charbel Baini In recognition of the many years of his extraordinary contribution to the art of Arabic poetry and literature.
Charbel you have made everyone from your home in Mejdlaya and Australia very proud.’
Congratulations and well done.
Anthony and Nabiha Khouri

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