what can I really say about Diwan Abla?/ Mirna Nehme

Good evening my dear Charbel Baini!!
Over and over again, your magnificent poetry shines and  hits the heart to remain there forever. You never cease to amaze us.
And what can I really say about Diwan Abla? How can I put the words? As I was reading these awesome poems I could see this beautiful picture of true, divine love which fights for the heart, which cries, which will not give up and which certainly has no age limit.  And how glorifying  when it ends with wedding bells!!!!
Yes, I loved deeply these  romantic poems my dear Charbel which captured my soul and which were written in a decent, dignified, elegant  and refined style. This proves the poet and the person you are still forever with a sweet, gentle, tender, pure young spirit. Someone like you will not age and neither does love. 
Congratulations on this great poetry and I hope that you will surprise us again with lovely  poems emphasizing more and more on the sacredness of love and marriage which are god's gifts.

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