Michael and Therese

While in Sydney, I received the news of the marriage of my brother Michael to our cousin Therese Yammouni, on the island of Cyprus year 1976, I composed this poem especially for the happy occasion. 

O Cyprus! 
For God’s sake let me know 
How my tears become so bountiful 
And my heart throbbing sturdily 
O Cyprus! 
On my behalf, 
Decorate your city squares 
And embrace my brother so tenderly. 
O My neighbour! 
Congratulate Therese - His bride 
And from your flowers 
Give them a gift 
And let a choir of birds  
Sing in their wedding! 
George, her father 
And her mother Carmen 
So happy for their obedient daughter! 
To his daughter-in-law 
My father said: 
Your wishes will be granted 
Your ant Patronella will cover for me 
My dearest niece from Barsa 
A bride and a ray of sunshine 
To you I will say it once: 
You and Micho are forever in my heart 
You are not only my niece 
But also my only daughter 
Congratulations my dearest daughter. 
Written by Charbel Baini 
Translated by Elie Shaanin

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