Joseph and Veronica

I was in Sydney, when I received the news of the marriage of my brother Joseph to our cousin Veronica Bahri 3/9/1972

Joseph, my brother is getting married,
In saint Joseph’s hedged abbey,
Saint Joseph is very happy,
The wedding is held in His place.
All the people of Sydney,
Attest to Veronica Bahri,
When she stood in the Church,
God blessed her with His right.
My father Sarkis proudly asked,
My mother to release her cheers.
My brother Joe is my companion,
Ever since we were little,
With a heart full of joy,
I prayed to God and asked Him,
To complete his happiness,
We stood together in our youth,
And we will remain very close
When we get to be old.
A bridegroom brimful of love,
O Mejdlaya, beat your drums,
O Sydney, cover them with flowers.

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