George and Anne

I composed this poem the day I received the news of the marriage of my brother George Baini to our cousin Antoinette Bahri, year 1969.

My brother George is smitten,
Flowers of  love shape
His Anne’s name.
I pray to Almighty God,
To shine upon and protect them.
My brother is young and handsome,
And Anne is like a fragrant rose,
Her smile made his heart palpitate,
For her, he has forsaken all.
Pour O God your abundant blessings,
Upon them and protect Sydney,
Adorn their way with silk and flowers.
Anne is a princess and George her prince,
A hero and a knight like no other,
Protect them always, O Divine Judge,
Kfirsgab joyfully danced for them,
Mejdlaya chanted jovial poetry;
And sent its heart a special gift.

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