April Moon

When I received the news of the marriage of my cousins Elie Shaanin and Louise Baini, I composed this poem especially for them.

I wished for so long to be there 
For your bolt of the blue nuptial day! 
I can tell the past and teach the present 
How long I waited 
For this magical moment 
To cheer a brother and a sister 
And share their most happy day. 
Elie, my loyal and spirited cousin, 
April moon envied your persona  
Wherever you walk in shadow of your steps 
The Jasmine blossoms everywhere  
With the name of Elie written on their leaves 
Elie who eternalises Lebanon’s name.
Dearest Louise, my tender-loving cousin, 
You are the sister I never had, 
The Nightingale danced on your wedding day 
and chanted: O what a creative mind, 
and instructive thoughts. 
Treasure within your heart, 
The love for your endeared spouse. 
I swear by Almighty God, 
You are and you will always be; 
Our dearest and most loved couple. 
Written by Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie Shaanin

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