Boutros the magnificent

Dedicated to soul of my uncle Boutros Youssef Al Khoury Al Baini, the magnificent, who donated towards the publication of my first book “Adolescence” year 1968.
O my generous uncle, Boutros,
Your caring spirit protects me.
Ever since I was a little boy,
My grandfather taught me,
To honour and praise your name.
You were my grandfather’s brother,
You were my gentle, delightful kin,
And were always like our cedars,
Generously distributing your shade;
And when your relatives were at ease,
They gathered under your branches.
During an evening of revelation,
The poetry knocked at my door,
I gathered the chosen poems,
You helped me with an open hand;
When I published my first book.
I am grateful, my dear uncle,
And as long as I live,
Your name will be my beacon.
You are a Baini, well revered,
I still cannot bear your departure.

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