The first communion of Joseph Anthony Baini

14 June 2015
Dear Joseph, you’ve become a young man
You carry your grandfather’s name
A name, we pray, is blessed with a long life.
Your smiley face, your bright eyes
And lips which are like the flowers
Compliment your elegant stature.
When you stand before your dad
And you are the light of his eyes
He proudly compares you to our Cedars.
On the face of your loving mother
She wears you as a beauty spot
And to show you off, she would say:
This is my only son and his sister
JOSEPH and Ella are all my dreams.
Today, at your Holy Communion
You take with Jesus, the walk of faith
Jesus loves you; He holds your hand
You joyfully receive Him into your heart.
He will grant you, every wish
Ask Him, as He’s our ultimate judge
To prolong your dear parents life.
And to provide your little sister
With a dress of an infinite grace
That’s woven by Saint Joseph’s hands.
Ask Jesus, to protect your parents
Who are a vineyard of generosity
So they don’t lose one single grape.
Your gene is “Baini”, of a proud descent
And your blood is mixed with Sarhan’s
That supports the pillars of your house.

        Written by Charbel Baini 
Translated by Elie Shaanin

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