The flower of my life

Dedicated to the soul of my beloved father Sarkis Baini
1915 – 1982
Written by Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie Shaanin
O my dear father, I love so
I find it hard to say: good-bye,
To show the world my suffering,
Will certainly be the ultimate blow.
The painful sorrow of you departure,
Is flowing on our mother’s cheeks,
And also shows on our brothers’ faces.
Our uncles, aunts and all loved ones
 Locked their doors and came from far
To farewell you and to say: good-bye!
O dear father, flower of my life.
Convey my love to my grandmother
And embrace my grandfather for me,
A special hello to your beloved brother,
"Bakhos" the brave, protector of our quarter,
He fed the hungry and gave the thirsty, water.
We are grateful to those who came to share,
With us, the bitterness of this imminent cup,
In the town’s church, where you once prayed
The candles are lit with abundant love,
You became the cup and the mass.
O dear father, how treacherous is the time!
It deceived me and stole you from me,
Despite your untimely departure,
I still believe in Almighty God,
I only wish, my darling father, 
You stayed longer in our paradise.
O father, your departure is not fair
It seems that you've forgotten
That our homeland is burnt down,
And that we are here alienated
Please, don’t burn our hearts again.
Our consolation is that we know,
You are pious and you are a saint
God’s lap is your final resting place.

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  1. رفيق البعيني ـ مزرعة الشوف4:22 م

    روعة في الشعر والادب
    وشعور مرهف يعبر عن قمة الوفاء
    بوركت شربل البعيني ولنا فيك كل الاعتزاز