To the soul of my beloved mother, Patronella Baini

The choking agony, oh, my dear mother,
Shredded my body and dried my blood.
Your death filled me with sufferance,
My grievance is overwhelming.
Your absence tormented my heart,
And the smile froze on my lips.
I once left my homeland,
And now, in turn, you left me.
Your embrace was my haven.
Then I was left with a dream,
I dream of your tender hugs.
Your death, oh, my beloved mother,
Is stronger than the thunder claps,
It burnt my entrails and my mind.
I could easily ask you why,
But, it will be to no avail.
Let me be the forgotten page,
That is torn from an Oriental book.
I wake up, eyes dimmed with tears
I sleep. your head leaning on me,
My blood is drying in my veins.
What can I say, what can I tell you,
And you’re the light of my eyes.
Wherever you are or may be,
You will never leave my heart.
You were the inspiration of my poetry,
That shook the corners of the world.
You were the artist, who painted my art,
Your absence ruptured my arteries,
It made me age and made me stray,
During my teasing and crazy expatriation.
Patronella and cedar are two big names,
Patronella, value and esteem knelt at your feet.
And the whole world attested for you.
You were a mother…like no other,
You wore saintliness as your jewel.
Your eyes were the vigilant guardians,
You jealously protected your family,
And guided them to God’s path.

By Charbel Baini
Translated by Elie Shaanini

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