I've given my hand to my friends,
Who came to me
And stood at my doors,
I thought they knew that I consecrated my friends,
O God...
In one moment they've eaten me,
And they have thrown my bones in the forest.

When You see their faces
For the first time..
Your eyes show the feelings of happiness
Because of their form.
You can read love between the lines
That could never be there without You,
But suddenly they float in Your mind,
To play on the strings of Your madness.

All they wanted was to take my money,
And I've never hidden any money,
Their relief was giving me happiness,
Their poverty was demolishing me,
What a shame!...
They destroyed me...
When I gave them peace of minds.

They are liars...
They tell You about the humanity's truthfulness,
To inspire You with their lies
That they are a flame of the faith
But in a twinkling of an eye...
They'll trap You ........
And what it was, it was !!...

This world is full of thieves,
They were named "friends" spuriously,
I've tried to light their lamps but they became dim,
Their hearts were full of darkness which we despised,
They stole me and they desecrated the holy words,
Which have been written for a long time.

I believed them ...
But the ropes of the lie
Were prepared for me secretly
In a tree
Which they have named "Friendship",
Its leaves were always pale,
I watered it with the blood of my heart,
The tree absorbed my blood ...
But my heart became pale.

I'm not scared of them...
I am not scared...
My fingernails can reach their eyes,
Can chop off the high nose,
Which is like a curse underneath their horns,
Which is like a pile on cracked lips...
Because of their dishonesty.

They didn't know that their loss is bigger,
And with my death, their stomachs will be empty,
Because the one who eats a morsel,
Unlike the one who eats more and more,
And the friendship which has been killed by a grudge,
Could never be rekindled.

They didn't know
That on judgment day,
Their punishment will be miserable
And their last stop
Will be in front of You..
Your judgment does not need any explanation,
And he who betrays his friends
Will be thrown in the fire of purification.

They didn't know that my death,
Would make me come back as a giant...
With a brilliant laugh,
And my faith is much stronger
In a person who does not kneel
But for You..
O God...
Every time, a love dies,
We will collect newborn love on its end.
The people of the ominous lie,
Who named them Friends?!...
No priest is serving in a church,
No sheik is administering
Extreme unction to a swindler.
O God...
The criminal intent
Can not be forgiven in any Book.

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