I loved you from the first sight..
I closed my eyes and hid you,
I saw you as my fulfilled dream
A life-boat rescuing a drowned world.

O, heartbeat
I threw you in my heart..
Who dried the lily flowers?
Who dusted your face?
Who ripped that look?
Which put a parting
Between paucity and plenary
This distresses your people.
Their situation is agitating.
I wish you stand on the glory hills
... and blow mercury bubbles!

You gave me your house away
And named me with an adorned name
How nice this name is
For whom, who loves you today and always.
I'll tell about your oil smear
Your love
Your glory.
I'll tell about the life you gave
Without you it wouldn't have passed,
In four directions
I saw you as a song
With a whooping note.
Your good reputation is over the stars,
Your palm is generosity
And your name is a flag.

Please read the book (A LOVE SONG TO AUSTRALIA) under (WORKS)

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  1. غير معرف7:30 م

    To mr Baini,Aussie is a beautiful poem,and so is a drop of oil.I think you are a very gifted person!God bless you Mr baini.
    5 Opal

  2. غير معرف9:28 ص

    I cannot remember the last time I read a poem filled with such passion and emotion.
    Excellent work, Charbel!

  3. غير معرف9:31 ص

    To mr Baini, I read some of the poems in a love song to Australia and they were really good.Your poems are great.
    From Noelle.
    6 Indigo.

  4. غير معرف4:22 م

    To mr Baini, i read some of God and drop of oil and it was very nice. I'm sure one day you will become a famous arabic and english writer.
    From chimene
    6 emerald

  5. غير معرف10:23 م

    hi Mr Baini
    its me again and the first thing i want to say is i love that picture that you put up
    second thing i loved those poets and they are really nice
    third thing is that your a really great teacher and i love how you talk to us in class
    and finally i really like that new play that you were talking about in class. It is really going to come out big and i hope that i get the genie part in it because that character is funny and i want to be that character
    from Nicole Chammoun

  6. غير معرف10:28 م

    Me again (Nicole)
    one day when you stop teaching(hoping never) you will turn out areally good poet and i think that all your poets that i have read have been great and i really think that you can world wide